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We all love them, they may be sinful or not! Who cares? After all its ice creams that we are talking about! And I guess it’s time we made it adventurous. Let’s try some unusual ice cream flavors that you can toss up at home.

Prunes & Alcohol: Soak chopped prunes in whisky for about 20 minutes. Now whisk up some Black Currant ice cream in a bowl. Do not whisk well, ensure you keep a light hand while whisking. Add in the prunes and the whiskey next. A gentle swirl & a gentle swirl there. Freeze overnight for the super awesome house party next day!

strawberry iceceam

Strawberry Fun: Vanilla ice cream, crushed strawberries, chopped mint leaves with just a hint of mixed fruit juice come together to create this kid’s favorite! Run the strawberries & mint leaves together in a blender. Add them to the ice cream now. Let it set for 2 hours. Next comes a small shot of the mixed fruit juice. Set for at least six hours to get the perfect texture. Perfect if you have kids coming home!

Love @ first bite: This one is a favorite and inspired by something that I dig into every time I’m traveling to Mumbai. So our version has vanilla ice cream, Mangoes, milk and bit of condensed milk (sweetened). Blend 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, a quarter cup of milk and Mangoes in the blender. Pour in a glass bowl. Now add in the Vanilla ice cream, a gentle swirl and into the refrigerator. Set overnight. Serve this one with a slight twist. Make a thick paste of Mangoes and little milk. Pour in one table spoon of this thick mixture in your ice cream bowl and then scoop up the ice cream.


The Holy Basil & the humble Figs: Super class & super rich in taste! Chopped Basil leaves are blended with Vanilla ice cream to create this perfect summer treat!
Set aside this mix of ice cream and Basil leaves for two hours.
Bring out from the freezer and it’s the turn of the chopped figs next. Mix well and set aside for another hour and you are good to go. Figs are known for slow sugar release and are often a dieter’s best friend and Basil, is of course holier! Indulge guilt free!

Choco Frenzy

Choco Rum Frenzy: You cannot NOT talk about Old Monk when you’re talking about having a good time. Choco chip ice cream with a bit of Old Monk blended in would be ideal to beat the summer heat in a memorable way! Ideal for those crazy Saturday night house parties…camping at the farm house? Even better…stay slumped in the bed till late next day. For the kids at the farm house…just omit the rum and put in cut up cubes of Bourbon biscuits and see the hearts in their eyes!


Cookie Craze: I tasted this recently at a baker friend’s home. Homemade Vanilla ice cream (though market ones will also do just fine). Blend in some dried, assorted berries…whatever that you can get (packs are easily available at all stores). Next crush in some Raison (or any other) cookies into the ice cream mixture. It’s important that you freeze this at least overnight. Sprinkle some fine chopped Mint leaves and serve with elan’!
Note: Try to avoid Chocolate cookies to retain the semblance of the flavors.


Fruit Blast: How about making your own healthy summer cooler? It’s what I’ve always drooled on at various outlets, just to realize that it’s incredibly easy to whisk up. So in goes Vanilla ice cream, whisked with ‘mixed fruit’ juice. And then topped with all the fruits you like…chopped pineapple, black grapes, firm musk melon, pomegranate…whatever you like! Make it even funkies for kids by throwing in M&Ms, choco chips, candies, chopped chocolates…the sky is the limit!
This one is basic, regular stuff that you often see at cafes and other joints. And now, they are all yours to make…just the way you like them!

Coconut  Icecream
Coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes

Coconuts Anyone: Planning a coastal affair for lunch this Sunday? How about giving your ice cream also a coastal twist! Your bestie Vanilla comes in again. Whisk Vanilla ice cream in a bowl; whisk well and let it begin to melt. Grate coconut and lightly squeeze out the coconut milk (which can be used for your coastal cooking by the way). Now add in this grated coconut to the ice cream and mix well. Add in 1 tablespoon of condensed milk…another whisk and set to freeze overnight without disturbing. If you can freeze this for 24 hours, the results will even be better. Serve super chilled and have a super good time!

Sugar Free Icecream

Sugar Free Fun: Sugar free ice creams are easy to find these days. Even good ol Vadilal keep sugar free cups. Chop figs and blend into sugar free ice cream. Now for the twist! Take about 2 big spoons of the ice cream and let it melt. Now, add some coffee powder and little Vanilla essence and make mix well. Add this mixture to the rest of the ice cream and let it set for about 2 hours. Bitter, sweet…yet not sinful.

Let’s end this story here…I’ve to go dig in. Try out your Summer Coolers and let us know how they turned out!

Text : Shibani Verma


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