Libra house is a Perfect epitome of opulence and sophistication. Modern, luxurious and spacious home with elegant interior’s, beautiful garden and sumptuous architecture- that’s how we can describe the lovely abode of the Libras.
Sardar Karamjeet Singh Libra and Sardarni Nirmal Thind Libra stay in this luxurious abode with their sons Saurabh Libra (elder) is a sports enthusiast in general and an accomplished cricketer in particular. Anhad Libra (younger) has dabbled in modelling, their daughter in law Bani Sandhu Libra is in the initial stages of setting up a career in baby couture and their grandchild Sohaya Libra sharing laughs and cherishing every moment

Drawing Room
Libra family is a pioneer in the transport business (Libra trucking service) and all male members are actively involved in running it. They belong to Libra in Khanna district. The sprawling mansion is spread over four kanals in one of the most peaceful localities of the city. A couple of luxurious cars parked in a tow make way towards the main entrance. At first glance the house exudes an air of understated power and elegance.
“If Karamjeet Singh Libra wasn’t heading the transport business, he would have surely been an architect. He has a keen design sense and the house is a concrete reality of his vision,” Shares his wife Nirmal Thind Libra with a smile.


An ideal home should be an aesthetic amalgamation of architectural design and decor,  quips Sardar Karamjeet Singh Libra

Sardar Karamjeet Singh Libra informs, “It’s got a South American Colonial estate house kind of feel. The inspiration definitely came from British colonial houses. It’s a 4 kanal house with a covered area of approximately 10,000 sq.ft encompassing two floors and a basement. Comprising of six bed rooms with attached restrooms, two big drawing rooms, and two lobby areas. From conceptualization to shifting in, it took us nearly 5 years.”
“A lot of the furniture has been meticulously hand crafted after pouring through our library of Veranda and Architectural Digest Magazines, some was imported from a Spanish company – center tables in marble are from Italy – chandeliers are Czechoslovakian crystal – artworks have been picked from London, Quebec City and Montreal, while some are done by our in-house artist my mom Nirmal Thind Libra,” Shares Saurabh Libra.
“There needs to be love, harmony and lots of laughter to make a house into an ideal home. A garden full of flowers, lots of fruit trees (we have Pears, Litchi, Mango, Figs, Jamun, Amla, Lemon and Plum) and a kitchen garden for home grown vegetables and herbs are a must too,” Says the lady of the house Nirmal Thind Libra.

When you step into the vast drawing room you don’t know where to look first, whether to examine a particular piece more closely or simply to step further in and imbibe the ambiance while you catch your breath.
The major highlight of the house is old family photographs inset in large frames greets you on every landing of each floor adding a personal and nostalgic touch. Every single frame has a story to tell. Artifacts from across the world sit in every nook and corner of the house. Moving towards Master bedroom, one gets the feel of an opulent and luxurious space. The exquisite bed, a huge glass and customized sofa sets complete the appearance of the room. Similar concept are used in other bedrooms too. From beautiful bed linens to the vases, lighting, dining, mirror, decor piece everything exudes magnificence. The quality of furniture kept in the rooms make it look cosy and elegant.
All the bathrooms are spacious, well equipped with up to the minute technologically and with-in built walk-in closets. This imparts a clean look to the bedrooms. The kitchen is spacious with well-defined cabinets.
On asking how frequently the house is updated technologically and decor wise, Saurabh quips, “We believe in restoring the history more than just changing it with every season.”
Drawing room is arranged around a handsome old style fireplace with an antique painting above, flanked by elegant sofas. A huge crystal Chandelier enrich the ambiance of the room. The furniture is mostly in the period style. Elegant lamps with matching candle holders, contribute a mood of quite elegance to the drawing room. Home is filled with artifacts collected over the years.

Niraml Thind Libra likes to pick up stuff during her visits to various countries. She has a keen eye for everything archetypal.
Large Fans circulate the air in every high ceiling-ed room. There are six bedrooms each with its own charm. All the rooms which have windows opening onto the courtyard, are filled with light. The first floor can be accessed by white marble grand circular foyer double staircase, wrapping around both sides of the entrance.
Outside the house’s boundary walls has tall palms and at the corners of the house, are plants and shrubs. The green grass and potted plants break the starkness of the white wall. The floral sofas, chairs and tables in lobby and other areas are very Italianate in style, the silver artifacts are Indian while the crystal knick-knacks are from all over the world. Huge paintings by Mrs Nirmal adorn the walls of the house. Wood flooring add an aura of grandeur. The house is adorned with hand selected carpets that are either silk woven or wool based.
The large windows let in the green of the outdoors in to the interiors. Every room looks out onto the green, which gives the house a very open look. Since the family has a taste in reading, the lady of the house Nirmal Thind Libra is an avid reader, they have their own small library which has nice comfortable couches so that reading can be fun.
Bani, the daughter in law of Mrs Nirmal Thind Libra joins in. She reminisces her days when she came home as a bride and now the plush abode is more than a home to her.
Each and every corner of the house is replete with fresh flowers and candles that add a hint of freshness to the overall look. The outlook of the house gives it a very elegant look, we must say that the architect of the house has done a great job but hats off to the lady of the house who maintains it so well.

Text : Neetu Brar
Photography :Rajesh Kumar


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