Every piece of furniture in your house speaks for you, it reflects your taste and it’s decor completely defines your personality and there isn’t any piece of furniture as versatile as the console table because of its functionality and numerous uses, instead of letting your console table get filled up with odds and ends of household paraphernalia put a little thought and glam it up in a nice way adding more character to it.

Here are few styling tips which will make your table do the talking.

Add a focal piece: Adding a focal piece right above the console table makes it stand out.
There are quite many options to choose amongst the focal pieces.

Mirrors: A power of a mirror cannot be underestimated, you can experiment with different shapes of mirrors like oval shaped mirrors are’ in ‘these days. Mirrors also bring in more light in to the room.

Wall paper and Abstract Art. Adorn the wall against the console table with some good wall paper or wall covering this will pep up the entire look and with this you can go for something in abstract art, this trend of layering is in vogue these days it lends a different and nice feel to the interiors and making it more impactful.

Always remember your focal piece should be in proportion with the console table and larger than the other accent pieces.

Lamps: lamps not only look pretty but also spruce up the space , pick one statement lamp to lends a for unique look to your table.

Accessories: Always accessorise with the pieces which compliment your style and aesthetics, chose from silver metallic, brass elements these look really elegant. Place some striking ornated artifacts with gold accents to add glitz and zing up the whole decor, a touch of gold instantly gives a room a regal feel but do not go overboard with it as it would look tacky, just keep it stylish and classy.

Create a visual appeal: To create a visual appeal grouping pieces is a wonderful way as it renders a clean and cohesive look to all the items. For this purpose you can also use trays this way things stay organised and the table doesn’t give a cluttered look.

Flowers: flowers play a pivotal role to accentuate the decor, style your console table adding flowers both fresh or artificial flowers,
Bringing in charming and lively atmosphere.

Stools, pours and chairs: If you have ample space on the sides of the table then put a pair of chairs, this looks chic and you can always sit down for a while, if you don’t have enough room for chairs then poufs and Stools are totally the way to go, these can fit right under the console table and adds more style to it.

Seasonal touches: keep giving your console table seasonal touches rotating the things, swapping an item or two for a fresh new look.

Whether your console table is in the hallway or living room you will surely turn the tables with your art of decorating it, these tips and tricks will jazz up your space by elevating the style quotient of your house.

Tips by:
Ambika Joshi
A renowned Interior Designer.


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