This one is for all the coffee lovers. By the time of you reading this article you already have a cup of coffee once. By the number of Ccd and Starbucks increasing, we undoubtedly love caffeine and that’s not bad at all being with the majority of people. It activates your brain and is excellent for the body and skin. Here are the reasons how a cup of coffee ads flavor to your life:

• Coffee keeps a check on diabetic people –
A review published in JAMA declared that people who have coffee every morning are least prone to type 2 diabetes. So blend your coffee well.

• It’s good for your liver—
A study shows that one cup of coffee every day reduced at least 44% risk of liver cirrhosis which is caused by overconsumption of alcohol. Arthur L Klatsky, who led the study, told the Guardian: “consumption of coffee seems to have positive effects against alcoholic cirrhosis, and a person who drinks more coffee, the less likely it is to be hospitalized or to die from alcoholic cirrhosis.”

• Coffee Could Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease—
It is a disorder to the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors. Ronald Postuma and colleagues published a study that a moderate amount of coffee may improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

• Coffee acts as a source for antioxidants—
It is believed that coffee is very rich in antioxidants, apart from fruits and vegetables coffee gives our body far more antioxidants.

• Coffee makes you smarter—
Whether its work related or household activities coffee helps in taking decisions with a fresh mind. A journal reviewed that Nutrition in it can give your brain a major boost, making it easier to resolve things out.
Michael Lemonick, a reporter at TIME, says “When you lack sleep and take caffeine, almost all your abilities increase: reaction time, alertness, attention, logical reasoning – the most complex functions associated with intelligence.”

• Homemade coffee scrub—
Not only just it energizes our brain but it also can act as a scrub for our under eyes skin. Mix it with coconut oil and apply it gently. It will only take 10 min to show its magic, balance out the skin tone.

Text: Antpreet kaur


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