There is a story in every brick, wall, roof, nook and corner of the magnificent house. The Mahajan’s have built a citadel of dignity and remarkable cultural history. Enveloped in the lush greenery and abundant flora, the house has been cleverly designed to keep intact the modern and the traditional elements
Celebrating love and passion for luxurious spaces, is the Mahajan family’s abode that dons a celebratory spirit throughout the year. The kinfolk have been staying in the two kanal property for the last seven years. It has provided a sense of hope and some good memories to be cherished for a lifetime.
Drawing room
Alka Mahajan, the homemaker has made this a heavenly abode of the family. Taking ideas from the contemporary style and creating the fusion of trends is something, Alka holds expertise at. The brilliant architect Ajay Arora took over three years to conceptualize the project and the place was made magical by Interior designer, Vandana Singh. Much care was given at the planning stage and to get a complete clarity of thought before they began their site activity.
Italian Marble is used for flooring, while textured walls have been perfectly designed to go with the theme of every room.

Spread over 1000 square yards, the swanky abode of the family is located in one of the aristocratic areas of the city. In sector 5 Panchkula, the edifice stands tall in two floors. Including the basement. Comprising of six bedrooms each with an attached lavatory, a living room, dining area, kitchen, lobby, Pooja room, gymnasium , study room, security room, and a mini theater; the entire place is done beautifully with extremelycharacteristic choices of each member of the family.
The drawing room opens up in a space with a huge painting on one wall and an assortment of candles and artifacts across the world. Sated with lampshades of various shapes and sizes; the house lights up in the evening making a nice ambiance for the dwellers.

Alka shares, “An ideal home is where a family lives together with happiness. where everybody helps each other and share their thoughts. We planned this house by keeping everybody in mind”.
Talking about the design inspiration, Alka prefers more of abstract design. “We have kept the color scheme of the house in subtle but we have also added a tint of bright colors in certain spaces as with refined colors the house looks leaden, so just to bring that charm, we have mixed the color combination”, smiles the homemaker.

Creating a plush ambiance, Architect have ensured it is a classic manor with a strong rootlessness in the Indian culture. The ground floor is more traditionally designed whereas the other floors are designed in a contemporary way.

It is not surprising that the guests flock to this elegant manor. Mahajan’s believe home is one place where we are reminded of the significance of our family and friends. The basement is a section dedicated purely to the pursuit of the guests. As well as the theater room, where they enjoy watching videos, films, & songs with family and friends.

The bedrooms are played in hues of purple with a bit of cream, shades of golden touches, wooden caving bed complements with the bed covers and artifacts but one thing that is common to all is a huge glass wall that overlooks the green lawn. The artifacts have been collected over from Khan Market, Delhi and Thailand.
The house remains ventilated and well lit throughout the day. The kitchen is fitted with innovative modular setting and modern architectural faucet for a sumptuous epicurean experience. All bathrooms is well-equipped and up-to-the-minute technologically.
The atrium with a skylight chandelier that reaches the first floor and green plants placed alongside a huge statue of Buddha never fails to catch the attention. The theater room in the basement and the lobby which has Ganesha panels are other striking features of the house.
For Alka, it is a beautiful feeling to have a home which is just perfect concoction of love, warmth and elegance. The feeling of calmness flows in the house because of the openness and abundant natural light. Alka believes positive streams in the house from Pooja room.
The Mahajan clan hold testimony to the proverb, ‘Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest’

About the family:
Alka Mahajan is a homemaker married to Pankaj Mahajan (businessman). They are blessed with two loving children. Their son is a student and daughter is happily married. Alka also partake a passion in painting and has exhibited some of her master pieces in Delhi.

Bringing overall grace to the spaces are huge chandeliers that were picked from Thailand.
The mansion is replete with an assortment of candle stands and cutwork mirrors.


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