Ah, romance! Nothing gets the heart fluttering like candlelight, flowers and the sound of sweet nothings. We love it so much; we have a day dedicated to celebrating all the love in our lives – wonderful Valentine’s. But at the same time, I have a question for my readers, why Valentine’s Day is celebrated are you even aware of it?
Romance was born! Yes it was born, out of feelings, emotions and absolutely not out of a right or left swipe on a gadget termed as cell phone. School dancing, couples skating, note passing, mix tapes was an era of love. Love notes & candle light dinners was once amorousness my friends. Canteen romance, waiting for each other, writing letters, waiting for a call of someone special on our landline when there were no cell phones; waiting for each other was charming in the older times. Falling in love with just a look, writing your first name and their last name all over your book was something really getting high on love!

Perfect Instagram picture, Facebook status and Tweeting have become the most important activity in our generation. I don’t think anyone will deny the fact that our generation doesn’t even have a hint of the idea, what old romance was and what it feels like to be in love actually. What people portray themselves on social networking sites and what they are actually in life is poles apart. Our generation starts talking to someone on social media and decides whether to continue that relationship further or not. Sometimes their love starts on social media and ends on social media itself, I guess it is because they decide on that platform only if they are compatible or not.
Falling in love has just become a peer pressure and it’s no more about feelings anymore. Love was supposed to be all hearts and roses however in the modern times “LOVE” is being measured in diamonds and expensive gifts! Today’s generation which is so obsessed by social media is into public display of affection (PDA) but somewhere fail to profess the real thing. There was a generation of kids born in the 1990’s that grew up watching DDLJ and had the idea of love as a fairytale romance. Kids of generation Z which are born in 1995 and later which can be classified under 22 and below age group who have never lived a day without mobile phones and social networking sites. For them, one of the most difficult tasks is to stay away from social networking sites because the time they were born they were posted on social media about the good news of having their existence on this planet earth with some of them even having their own FB accounts created by their parents! They grew up in the culture where instant gratification comes by uploading everything which cannot be ignored like roti, kapda and makaan for poor.

Now-a-days people don’t fall in love they find love through mediums like social media. We are aware of the fact that there is a host of dating application installed in your phone which will help you to find people who are like you. Finding love?
Instead, I would say more of finding lust which is in the air and not love. Feelings, emotions & compatibility is not cup of their tea. For new generation I believe entertaining people, passing time and taking relationship casually is more trending now. Before starting a relationship, two individuals getting into some kind of casual stuff would not be serious with each other and would not take it further that is crystal clear. I mean really? Is this love? Casual relationships for fun and sex are not new for people, it is so common.
Dating for the sake of hot trending paraphernalia going on and changing your love partner every month. Your companion knows that you love them but through facesbook posts.
For now sending a bouquet to their loved ones is not love instead posting a perfect picture with their loved ones is goal of their relationship, in fact whole idea of getting into a relationship to show something is happening and going on in their life. Public acknowledgment is more important for everyone today by posting every single detail of your relationship on social media. Your fight, romance, travelling, is on social media which is something not to be always proud of, sometimes things should be kept private. Why is it so necessary to tell people how they are, what are dynamics of your relationship and make it so public, talk to them, express how much you love them, how important he/she is to you, spend time with your beloved, praise them, make them feel good, tell them how beautiful or handsome they are. Capture moments with your partner. Make them feel important and special, take them out on a date and don’t make it public. This is how love happens and when expressed, it lasts longer, and when your relationship will last long you don’t have to worry how you will take it further.

Valentine’s Day is expressing your love and being with them, making them feel special. Though the definition of love has been changed in every era but it is also important to make sure that love is still alive in every generation.

Love is a great feeling, which will make you feel butterflies in your stomach. Don’t just limit it to social media. Make it forever. Make it the way that you start loving the feeling of you being in love. Love it not for entertainment and taking it casually just for fun for the sake of social media. Facebook and Snapchat should not be your relationship capital because whole world doesn’t always need to witness what is going in your life. Make sure your love knows that you love them. Make sure your love has no ending but only eternity…..

Love your Love
Happy Valentine’s Day!



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