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The gorgeous three level villas is located in Sector 10, Chandigarh, belongs to Aradhana Gakhar, an architect and interior designer by profession. She has been working independently since 1990. Over the years she has seen many design trends come and go but has managed to find her ground and her signature style.
For Aradhana an ideal home is a space where you relax, unwind, and enjoy togetherness. A place we all look forward to get back to. A house that offers easy movement and connectivity and everything is well planned and properly stacked. Every space has a meaning. Her motive was to create a home which would be timeless, comfortable and require as little maintenance as possible. The design of the house at the same time is such, that visitors step back to appreciate and admire. Foyer onward all the open spaces are laid with the Italian marble exaggerating its vastness. The furniture is muted walnut. Large openings draw the outdoors inside.

The ambiance of the stark open spaces shifts to being personal and homely in the bedrooms warm brown tones of wooden floors characterize the rich cozy feel of the bedroom. The rooms are tastefully done with large windows looking out onto the green landscape and allowing the rooms to be filled with light. The bathrooms are spacious and minimal in aesthetics. The spa is ultra-modern with steam, shower, spa tub and other amenities that allows for comfort.

Drawing Room
The family lounge and dining area offers easy access to outside spaces so that inside and outside flow together naturally. There is a sense of quite relaxation and coziness, while being connected to the entire house. The ground and the first floor of the four storied house are designed as living spaces while the basement houses the studio. The top floor has servant rooms and services – Air conditioning outdoor units, solar panels, water tanks and top of the pitched roofs. An open plan allows for the visual integration of the landscape. The wooden roof trusses, the rafters and purling give the impression of hill architecture.


For her the design inspiration behind the concept is that her family wanted to be connected with greenery from every window, be it windows from the basement, from the dressers, washrooms, kitchen, even the store. They wanted a feeling of being on a permanent vacation, which explains the wooden flooring and wooden ceilings. Easy to maintain was a very important feature, this made us do away with false ceilings and cove lights.

The concept was always there in her mind. After designing built up spaces for almost 25 yrs at the time of conceptualization, it was very clear to her that that she wanted longevity in materials and designs. No new or imitation materials were to be used. It took us two and a half years to build the structure and do up the interiors .Vastu and feng shui has been followed, totally, be it in architectural planning or interiors.

Aradhana is not an impulsive buyer, everything, she thought of everything before, it bought and placed it anywhere in the house. She has collected things from various parts of the world over the years. She still have a list of art pieces which she still have to pick up from yet to be visited places. There are lots of things ,like, every furniture piece in the house, carpets, cushions, curtains, linen mirrors and so on which she has designed herself and got them manufactured locally. She has painted every painting which hangs on any of the walls of her house.
Her entrance lobby welcomes her every guest with open arms and ushers into the warmth of the family lounge. The Victorian elegance of the drawing room around its inbuilt fireplace and handcrafted mirror. The massive glass divider which wears its own crystal neckpiece. The openness of the bedrooms, the greenery from the windows and the easy connectivity and circulation make living very comfortable and stress free.
Yes she loves to entertain her guests, and she does that with a lot of love and affection. Her family is a family of all passionate cooks; they all pitch in with the cooking, setting up of the table and dressing the house for the occasion.

The family of four lovely people, Aradhana is an Architect by profession and her husband Anil is a businessman, restaurateur and real estate investor and a passionate golfer as well. Her daughter Aashna is studying architecture and her sweet little son Ashray is studying in school. Her residence is designed to embody our requirements of space. It was designed to capture the ideas of openness, comfort, warmth, simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Built up area of the house:
Basement: 2000 sq.ft
Ground floor: 4500 sq.ft
First floor: 4350 sq.ft
Second floor: 900 sq.ft

Text: Manokriti Bedi
Photography: Rajesh


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