Nothing livens up the room like a rug. Rugs instantly accentuates the decor adding more color and vibrancy to the space.
It is also an accessory which has an element of warmth and cosines which is sure to bring a new life to your abode quite apt for creating a Beautiful Home statement. So, here are the few tips and latest designs and trends for choosing the right rug for your home, which will not only adorn your space but will also create the right atmosphere and mood.

Selecting the rug can be an arduous task. But always first picture your room as a stage, keeping in mind the size and the foot traffic, because selecting the Base of the rug considering how often it’s used and whether the rugs will wear quickly is the most important thing to bear in mind. If the room has high foot traffic then choosing the durable and thick material is advisable as soft material will not bear the wear tear much, especially the hallway and the entrance areas need thick material which generates heavy foot traffic.

Different Designs in rugs on trend.
Plush rugs: This style of rugs popular in 70’s is back again, the thick plush pile with a wonderful palette, this type of rug brings casual comfort and enlivens the decor. Quite apt for areas like hallway and kitchen.

Shimmer and shine rugs: These look very elegant and striking, hand knotted with finest of Himalayan fleece with touches of Silk highlights. The shimmer trend of the rugs is quite in vogue of late and this looks good in small and big rooms

Kilim rugs: The modern geometric pattern with warm color tones, these are quite suitable for variety of interiors exuding more warmth and color.
Over dyed rugs: If you like something with a vintage look then this is the rug for you, with a little faded look, this kind of rug is collection is a colorful and visionary way for a unique transformation of style, color and texture.

Persian and silk rugs: These are surely going to add a classy look to your space making it look more regal. Silk instantly brighten up the feel of the interior adding more visual appeal and it also reflects your fashion and aesthetic sense.
Sheepskin or Flokati rug: These are quite apt for the Bedrooms because of the softness of the texture and delicate fabric, which is soft on your feet and feels nice.

Layering: The current trend which is quite in vogue these days.
The rug on rug is the latest trend which ensconces the space making it appear more energetic and eye catching.
You can select a durable low pile rug and place a nice rug on the top of it.
Let the top rug be the star, don’t make the bottom rug too plush it should only be a worthy support.
Be creative layering can be fun, it gives you a chance to play with colors, mix and match the colors to add more vibrancy to your room.
The openness of the room flows so well with a layered look, but avoid it in small rooms as it will make the room appearing smaller and cluttered, it will not be able to retain the graceful look as it does in the bigger rooms.

So, chose a right rug which helps to make your space the “connoisseur” of all the eyes, making it more inviting and exuding love and warmth.
Happy Rugging.



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