Setting a new benchmark of unmatched architectural brilliance and artistry, the elite address of Mr.Gurlal Singh Sandhu and Binnie Sandhu is much of a wonder to behold. Snugly nestled in posh area of Chandigarh, Sector 28, the swish home is done up in hues of white and ivory that bear testimony to the fine taste and luxe style of the family.
Showcasing their love for simplicity and harmony, the plush address spread over 10,000 square feet has a contemporary style that accommodates Sandhu’s lifestyle. Built with flowing lines and huge paintings this home is imposing, massive and very stylish. At first glance, the house exudes an air of understated power and elegance; yet it blends warm colours and enthralling art seamlessly.
On entering the abode, it is evident that it radiates an international flavour without sacrificing the utilitarian. The overall theme is contemporary and feels truly global. The private address of Sandhu’s is a citadel of peace from the outside and an unexpected treasure trove of eclectic elements inside, the elements are carefully placed that reflect uniformity of theme. The subtle tones of the interiors immediately challenge the illusion of opulence that one generally harbours about magnificent spaces.
The skill of embellishing the personnel space is not common at all, But Mr. & Mrs. Sandhu holds proficiency of designing sensibilities for their idea home. They have seamlessly merged the classical and modern elements.

While talking to Mr.Gurlal Sandhu, he said, “A house with lots of natural light, airy, a plush green garden and where the occupants of the house enjoy the comfort of being home is an epitome of home for me”.
He added, “Warmth should reflect through inventiveness & the idea is that it had to be simple but creative at the same time with the interesting amalgamations of hues, design and art”.
Mrs.Binne fell in love with the place the first time she saw it and more so with what she visualized for the house. Much care was given at the planning stage and to get a complete clarity of thought before they began their site activity.
Mrs. Binne said, “The house has been professionally designed. It took 3 years for this concept to become a reality. From conceptualizing on the drawing board to completion of the house. Our architect gave us a number of concepts from which we chose the “futuristic design”. It has big spaces with big rooms and the furniture has also been customised. After completing three earlier projects of building homes in Mohali and the farm, we chose a modern house on straight lines for this home”.
Mr & Mrs Sandhu wanted it to be their dream home and their passion was truly inspiring. It is modern yet retains the necessary traditional outlook, it is unapologetic-ally rich, funky and above all glamorous. It has two levels i.e. the ground floor and first floor. There are six bedrooms with attached bathrooms and walk in closets. There are three bedrooms on the ground floor, it also has the drawing room and the formal dining area along with the family room or lobby area. On the first floor they have another three bedrooms along with a Den which is used for entertaining friends and family. It’s also used as a gaming room and home theater. The first floor also has a lovely terrace with lots of green plants, which is ideal for an evening get together.

Every single piece in their abode is handpicked. Each corner of the house speaks its own story. All the furniture has been customised. Artefacts have been collected slowly over the period of time. The highlighting features of the house is that it is made on straight lines with big windows. The rooms are spacious & it’s a well-lit house. Mr. Sandhu said, “We have a number of portraits which came were brought from different places during different travels”.
Every room has a fresh and modern look. The space is categorically for those who appreciate spacious luxury and sophisticated sensibilities. With the goodness of elitism, the area presents a spectacular dwelling for those who have a predilection for all classy things.
It’s a modern house with big windows and lots of space. The house has been done in sober yet classy colours. “All the rooms have been done up according to the taste of preference of the occupants. Our son Sangram has a big room with the largest bathroom. His room was done in shades of blue and grey with bright linen for the bed. Our daughter Ayten did her room up more brightly with shades of Red and black. Our room has shades of peach and blue and the other two guest rooms have been done in shades of green”, shares Mr. Sandhu.
For Mrs.Sandu it is a beautiful feeling to have a home which is just perfect concoction of love, warmth and elegance. The feeling of calmness flows in the house because of the openness and abundant natural light.

Mr. & Mrs. Sandhu are great with guests and the way they entertain them with much love and care is absolutely amazing. While talking to Mr. Sandhu, he said, “We have different things organised depending upon the occasion. When Binnie has her get together, they happen either in the drawing or the dining area. We like creating an ambience by having occasion worthy music playing in the background and presentation of beverages or meals. Sangram likes to entertain his friends in the Den where the youngsters spend time gaming or chit chatting. I use the garden or drawing area or even the lobby area when I have friends over for drinks or dinner”.
Discussing about the favourite area of the house their son Sangram Sandhu said, “Our favourite has to be the family room area where we all get together any time of the day to share our day and spend quality time with each other”.

About the family:
Sandhu’s belong to village Khuranj, district Fazilka. The founder of thier village was Sardar Punjab Singh. His grandson Sardar Kishan Singh became the Zaildar of 22 villages. He had two sons. Sardar Balwant Singh Sandhu and Sardar Balbir Singh. His son Balwant Singh, was highly respected and was bestowed the title of Sardar Sahib (Sanad) during British times. He was instrumental in expanding the estates and also played polo during the British era. He was issueless Mr.Gurlal Singh Sandhu is the grandson of Sardar Balbir Singh Sandhu. Mr.Gurlal Singh Sandhu is married to Mrs. Binnie Sandhu. They have two beautiful broods- Ayten Gill and Sangram Sandhu. Education has been in the family since the last four generation. The main occupation of the family is Agriculture.



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