Add a soft color that looks sexy and flattering. Use moisturizer and primer before applying makeup, followed by soft concealing and beige pink or baby pink blush, apply soft mascara and soft peach lip gloss. Wear a dress that suits your personality according to your height and silhouette. You can wear black if you are overweight or wear beige or soft pastel shades.

Please suggest me a look that is romantic and dreamy?
Start by creating even toned neutral skin tone on your face, followed by skin tone eye shadow, highlighter under brow bone. Use gel liner for thin line and create outer edges. Apply soft bronzer on your cheeks. Apply bold hot red lip color to complete the look. Try to keep the base light you can apply bb cream to do that.

Suggest me a hairstyle that looks natural and not overdone, I want to look young and vivacious on valentine day?

Keep your hair open with bouncy curls or smooth blow out for soft day time look, if you have long hair you must go for curls. For very young and edgy look you can also go for ponytail with a long or short dress. For a young and red carpet look you can go for messy hair bun with flow gown or chic dress. If you want a valentine night look that is sultry and young, you can go for a royal hair bun and accessories with Swarovski.

Please suggest a skin care routine and makeup that helps me achieve glow and even tone?

Set the stage a week before valentine day, start the routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, don’t experiment with new products and new facials. Wear lip moisturizer and avoid dry and cracked lips. Don’t go for Waxing or eyebrows on the same day but go for them 24 hours in advance. Let your skin have ample time to feel soothe and fresh.
You can also get instant blush with right makeup and rose blush on apple of your cheeks. Achieve pout with sexy crimson shade to make you get more noticed, add natural lip luster to get super sheer high shine. Strengthens and protects, while the top coat forms tiny tubes around lashes for
Beef up wimpy strands with a triple-threat product that gives hair hold, long-lasting body and shellac-like shine. Don’t forget to go for spirit of sensual scent that is ultra-romantic.


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