Luxury is for the taste of sophistication and expense. Comfort is for the warm and ‘souled’ feeling of the household. That’s how you define an ideal place to live in.

The Mahajan’s have got it all. This 3 level house owned by Sanjiv Mahajan who lives here with his beautiful wife Ritu Mahajan, their daughter Gayatri Mahajan and their son and daughter in law, Udhay Mahajan and Shirleen. The proprietor has turned this place into a magical dreamland.

It stretches over an area of 11000 sq. Ft approximately and includes an entry lounge, drawing room, dining room, T.V. lounge, a sunroom, three bedrooms, the main kitchen, three bathrooms and a powder room on the ground floor.

The first floor contains the entertainment hall with a fully stocked bar, one bedroom, a powder room, a mini kitchen and two balconies. And the second floor contains the library, gym, spa, one bedroom and 2 and a half balconies.

Ritu says, “For me, an ideal home is where my family is. My family is what makes my home. Having a loving family around who stay alongside each other through thick and thin is what makes an ideal home in my opinion. Dinner together every possible day with a peaceful atmosphere full of love and laughter”.

Talking about the theme and design the design inspiration came from various resources says the couple. Ritu is an avid reader and she loves reading magazines, which made it much easier for her to opt for designs and theme. She says, “I am an avid collector of design magazines. My obsession with reading through the different designs being incorporated throughout the world is what made the house the mix of trinkets and furniture it is today”.

Much attention was paid at the preparation stage and to get complete clarity of thought before they began to build the mansion.
Ritu says, “Regarding conceptualizing and then executing is concerned, we started the renovation on a small scale in 2010 but the main restructuring began much later and finished in 2014. Took a long time coming but my vision was completed in the way I wanted”.


The overall theme of the house is a contemporary mix. The private address of Mahajan’s is a citadel of harmony from the outside and an unexpected treasure trove of electric element inside.
Ritu added, “We have a contemporary mix in the house. We have a lazy household who love lounging be it the sunroom, the T.V. lounge, or the entertainment hall. So the entire house has a laidback sort of vibe. Having an anti-posh itch is important to my family and I feel that I have incorporated that into our home as much as I could”.
Ritu says she didn’t want any particular theme for the rooms as she wanted to keep it simple and sober. She says, “Comfort is what matters to us the most. Simplicity is our go-to mantra. We try to incorporate a homey feel to everything. I didn’t want anything pretentious and gaudy.

Every single piece in their abode is exclusive and a memorable possession. Every corner of the house tells its own story. Ritu says, “The trinkets in the house are from all over the world. We tend to pick up something or the other from wherever we go. The crystals around the house are Iris Crystal, Bohemia. The furniture is courtesy Anshu Anand, a brilliant interior decorator in the Tricity area. Bathrooms are Villeroy & Boch”.
Talking about the most loved place in the house Ritu says, “Balconies! Our balconies are strategically placed such that the greenery surrounding us is prevalent from any side that we sit on. I believe that anyone having a chance to sit and enjoy this view would appreciate it as much as we do”.

She added smilingly, “Our Sunroom and Library are by far the favourite parts of my family. We tend to hover and sit in these areas the most and enjoy them tremendously. I personally love our front and back lawns. We love our sunroom because of the articulately fashioned back lawn. All credits to our ‘Maali Bhaiya’. And the fact that our boys that work the house are the most amazing at keeping the house clean and pristine and loved. And most importantly and finally, my lifelines that are my dogs, my uber-babies who are everywhere in this house. They run around, sleep, slobber wherever they feel comfortable because they are the bosses of their home”!


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