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Home is a little magical place where love abides and comfort surrounds. Amid the scenic beauty of the lush green mountains, pristine white clouds and the free-flowing river, this fancy address of the Bansal’s is a delicate reinterpretation of their private space.

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The art of beautifying the home is unknown to many, but for Bansal’s their art reflects in their taste and lifestyle preferences. Creativity and craftsmanship can be best used to describe the obviously opulent home.

The space offers tons of inspiration. The idea behind Bansal’s house is that it had to be a simple space, with interesting colors and humble detailing. One such luxurious mansion is the three leveled villa of Pankaj Kumar Bansal, build in Sector 4, Panchkula. Covering an area of approximately 400meters, the mansion has a huge and classy entrance which leaves the onlookers simply buzz the word ‘wow’.

Lobby of beautiful home
Mr. Bansal lives with his beloved wife and children, who have delicately worked as a team to design their dream mansion.

The Ground floor has been well designed with 1 master bedroom. The well-equipped modular kitchen has all the latest kitchen equipment’s for preparing delicious meals. The colorful well decorated lobby has a decent sitting arrangement, decorated with beautiful eye catching artifacts.

While talking about the theme of the house Mrs. Bansal said,” As such there is no theme of the house but everything is customized according to each member of the house and has been made best. I just try to pick everything best according to the needs and desires. Taking from a small door handles to a large family picture everything has been given a deep thought. After shortlisting various things we finalized the best out of all”.

Each and every corner of the house is replete with flowers and candles. The ground floor has a royal touch to it whereas the second floor is a mélange of English and western concept.

1st level is connecting by inner stairs going upwards in a beautiful way, small and decorative wall chandelier hanging in between which is visible for all, 3 bedrooms with a Table Tennis table in the lobby and a small pantry for quick make, take and serve like tea and coffee purpose and a rooftop at 2nd floor where they have made 2 big nice rooms for rent purpose.

The Bansal’s has made their own little Puja room where they have kept different statues of Hindu Gods. Talking about the Puja room Mr. Bansal said, “The best part of the house is the Puja room which I find very unique and special”.

He added, “According to culture people go to any religious place bowing heads down. So for the same reason they decided to keep doors of their Puja room small so that everyone goes bowing their heads when crossing”.

The traditional detailing of the marvelous exteriors compliments the classic décor of the interiors. The mud Buddha with golden dealings on it, on a neat and clean glass table, the customized red sofas offers a relaxing ambience to the living room.

Regarding the making of the house, Mrs. Bansal with a lovely smile on her face said, “The house is truly a labor of love and dwellers. The three storeyed structure took almost 2 years, without interior. It took more than 6 months to collect and collaborate interior for the house as everyone was busy in their own works”.

She added, “While doing interior or even exterior Mr. Bansal went to different houses which were building or were built and many shops of interiors and then booked the designer to design accordingly. Looking after their tastes and preferences designer made some designs which were then selected and finally the rooms and the lobby was designed.

Roll of everyone is very important in making small or big decisions as per Mr. Bansal “Ideal home is a home where everyone is enjoying with each member of the house. House in which everything is allocated a place and is at that place where u can relax after coming from working hard at the office”.

Mr. Bansal wants his family to spent time together with each other as much as they can that is why he did not get T.V. in any room which makes every member of the house meet at dining table while having dinner or breakfast or why not just a sip of juice.

Mr. Bansal’s best and favorite place is the bed beneath the stairs which he enjoys lying down and watching up to the stairs as long as he can without any disturbance.

Bansal family still keeps them self-updated about how more they can keep their beautiful house tagged with same caption and feel really happy and proud whenever they hear compliments about their house.

As it is truly said that the house is built by hands but home is where all hearts meet!

Text: Manokriti Bedi
Photography: Rajesh Kumar


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