Yatinder Singh, the 31-year-old, begged a silver medal in the 80 kg weight category, at the 7th World Bodybuilding and physique championship 2015 in Thailand. Some people are born with talent but some work hard all their lives to create their own luck and fortune. The struggle he has gone through to become a world champion is not an ordinary one. Yatinder belongs to Uttar Pradesh, India but is staying in Gurgaon from the last 10 years where he owns a gym, spa and a fitness consultancy. Having 16 years of rich experience in fitness & bodybuilding, Yatinder wants to reach the pinnacle of the fitness industry by capturing all those youngsters who are willing to achieve their desired physique goals.

You were wheelchair-bound once, so how did you defy all the odds to become a world champion bodybuilder?
In 2006, I had a very bad spine injury while working out in the gym. Five discs in my spine were damaged and I was on a wheelchair for 16 months. My right leg and hand became numb because of the injury as there was no blood flow. Doctors who had performed surgery on my spine told me that I will barely be able to walk and do routine work even after the surgery. Due to my strong will power, I am able to recover myself. Even today when the doctor sees my medical reports, he says that I can never walk. But here I am, doing the unthinkable. I was able to overcome all odds just by training my subconscious mind. Instead of thinking about my injury, I used to always think about the time when I will hit the gym to work out. And literally, the whole universe conspired to heal me. After being bedridden for so long, I have accepted the notion that if I cannot work out I can at least help others to work out so I started my own gym in Gurgaon named as Otwo Gym ‘n’ Spa which would have kept me close to my profession. I started working out with small weights like 5 kg, 10 kg and gradually moved on. I noticed that I did not experience pain any more on lifting weights. I started researching and studying techniques that could help me to work out without straining myself. With strong determination, I made my way back to the stage again in 2010 and won Mr India 2010 title and become the best-improved bodybuilder in the same year.

How did you get interested in this profession?
I used to be very slim, literally skinny, while in my teens. In 2001, I joined a gym just to gain a few kilos to look decent and have a good personality. But I don’t know what happened to me on the first day at the gym, the moment I picked up the weights, I told my instructor that I want to be a world champion. At that time, he looked at me and smiled saying `Beta, bahut mehnat lagti hai’. Eventually, I started admiring bodybuilding and continued working out and finally achieved what I wanted to.

Who inspires you the most?
In spite of all the victory and success, I admit that all my achievements are due to that one man who has taught me everything in life – my coach, my mentor – Mr K. N. Sharma since the year 2010. He not only guides me in my profession but also in a personal sphere. To tell you about, Mr K. N. Sharma, at present 60 years of age, is a trainer who coaches professional bodybuilders and owns his own brand of supplements, Tejaswa that were made under his expertise.

Your biggest achievement?
In year 2015, I participated in the World Bodybuilding Championship which was held in Thailand and won Silver Medal at the event. This was the most fulfilling moment of my life. When during the award ceremony, I had the national flag in my hand and the stage echoed with the glorious National Anthem, I had tears in my eyes. I finally got the contentment that I had achieved what I wanted to.

Share your plans for participating in the World Championship 2016 in Brazil?
My plans are the same as in my previous championships. I have already started my diet schedules and intense workout for selection trial on 19 July 2016 in Chennai. After that, I will start following my workout plans prioritizing each body part to refine, shape and condition my muscles. I will focus on my diet, training and cardio which are the three pillars to win any championship.

You are an inspiration for many, so if a groom wants to get your look, what all he should do?
To get trim, you need to do the following things:

• Perform cardiovascular activity in the morning at least three times a week,
• Strength training is again a key to achieve fitness which helps in toning, conditioning and improved muscle mass.
• Drink plenty of liquid throughout the day like fresh juice, water, etc as this will help in detoxification of your body and will keep your skin hydrated.
• Distribution of calories intake (carbs, protein and fat) is again important and the ideal calorie is 25 calories per kg of your body weight.
• Distribute your meal equally in 5 to 6 parts mini-meals throughout the day, rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner which will help to keep your metabolism higher
• Eat micronutrients, omega fatty acids for your good and glowing skin.

What is your everlasting source of motivation?
One of the sources of motivation comes from the appreciation of my fans and followers. It makes me always strive to get better. The other source of motivation is my family i.e. my mother, my father and my wife Neelam who supports me whenever I feel down and encourages me to get up and fight again, my son Agam who’s innocence and love gives me the strength to stand up against my rivalries confidently.

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Text: Ankita Sharma


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