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There is a story in brick of the wall and nook and corner of magnificent house. The Saini’s have built a citadel of love and dignity. Enveloped in lush greenery and abundant flora, the house has been cleverly designed to keep intact the modern and traditional elements.

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Celebrating the love and passion for the luxurious spaces, is the Saini family’s abode that dons a celebratory spirit throughout the year. The kinfolk have been staying in this kanal property from last many years .It has provided a sense of hope and good memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

For Gurpreet Saini, an ideal home is where Love is, where memories are created, friends are welcome and you always have a desire to come back into its lap.
She says, “A luxurious, vibrant yet close to nature, A house, the site of which tranquilizes me, rejuvenates me and leaves me with a thought that “Yes, this is what I always wanted.” Every morning when I wake up, the cool breeze, the chirping birds, the lush green lawns and the rustling sound of the leaves mesmerizes me. It should be so comfortable and full of warmth that any friend who visits, experiences absolute grandeur and has an Earnest desire to spend more and more time”.

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Saini house is named as “Vintage Villa” in Jalandhar, is spread over 1 acre of land with lawns on 3 sides and a pool. The swanky abode of the family is located in one of the aristocratic area of the city. The edifice stands tall in two floors, including an onyx fountain at the entrance which spells magic.
As the family has built this citadel with keeping principles of vastu in mind, it has been designed such that it faces east. The house comprises of two floors the ground floor has a huge entry foyer with magnificent golden pillars. It also have a pooja room at the entrance, a fireplace, a family lounge cum home theatre room and a custom made bar, drawing, dining, dry & wet kitchens and 2 bedrooms. Every room has an attached lavatory and washroom with it. The first floor encompasses of 3 bedrooms with a central foyer and pantry. All rooms have an independent balcony. The house is eco-friendly that has a water harvesting system and solar heaters which is energy efficient.
As Saini’s are quiet environmental friendly their lawns have been beautifully manicured and have a variety of palms and ornamental plants. Fruit trees and Seasonal flowers add to the colour and beauty of the garden. They also enjoy the organic vegetables and fruits from their kitchen garden.

Dr. Manjeet Singh Saini says, “Our house, ‘Vintage Villa’ was modulized on paper over a period of 1 year. It has been a reward of passion and thought synchronization that took over 5 years to complete. We shifted in the house in year 2014 whereas we started our construction work somewhere in 2009”.

The backyard houses an open bar and well-furnished and decorated library has been built on the poolside with a classic English touch. A separate complex is made for the staff which can accommodate 3 families.

The house is based on the Arabian theme which has always fascinated the Saini’s during their visits to UAE. It has a classic feel with Moorish arches, hand carved stonework and jali work all over with contemporary interiors. The pool, surrounded by palms glorifies the Arabian theme. A pair of white marble loins at the entrance adds to the majesty of the house.

Dr. Manjeet equips, “We did a lot of research as to what we wanted. The Master bedroom is based upon the classic vintage theme with hints of Gold. My daughter’s bedroom is again classic with floral theme whereas my Son’s bedroom has a Versace theme and the other two bedrooms are contemporary.”
The drawing room opens up in a space with a huge painting on the wall with an assortment of chandelier and lights . The house lights up in the evening, making a nice ambiance for the has lavish display of white and gold upholstery, French designed furniture, brass casted chandeliers and lights
On being asked from where all did they collected the artefacts, Dr. Manjeet with a smile on his face said, “The artifacts have been collected over a period of time from destinations which include UAE, London, Europe, Thailand and selected Indian stores. Royal Albert, Ville Roy & Boch, Noritake, Good Earth, Versace, Casa Paradox, Zara Home adore our house.
In addition, we are ardent lovers of art and have collected various artifacts from many exhibitions and street markets. My wife Gurpreet, enjoys the hobby of painting and has dolled up the house with her beautiful creations.”

Every area in the house has its own charisma. Saini’s have multiple sittings both indoors and outdoors. Dr. Manjeet says, “My son’s and my personal favourite is the family lounge that has a comfortable leather sitting with a professional home theatre and a customized wooden bar. With Loud music and a good single malt, we enjoy for hours together. Whereas my wife enjoys our garden the most and my daughter’s favourite is the pool area.
Socializing is the foremost essential as it brings happiness and meeting up your beloved friends and relatives. Dr. Manjeet explains, “Parties are our life lines. Depending on the season, we host outdoor or indoor parties. My wife often organizes high tea parties for her friends especially during the flowering season. During summers, we enjoy pool parties and during winters, we make the guests cozy around the fireplace and at times we enjoy the warmth and chill of the weather with barbeque.”
The Saini clan holds testimony to the proverb, ‘Home, the spot of the earth supremely blest. A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest’.



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