The power and frequency of our will to grow has forced us to invent such unorthodox means for development that, they are capable of taking us on our flight of fancy but have simultaneously instigated a tidal wave of profound illness amongst legions of the human population. The leading edge studies that show an increasing rate of cancer detection is a true case in point which goes on to prove how our mindless meandering into nature’s ways has created severely dire anomalies that are becoming very difficult to mend.

Everything around is touched, right from the food we intake to the air we breathe, it is all thinned by contamination thereby considerably retrenching the pristine goodness in all of it. The human-induced contamination is forthrightly carcinogenic in nature and hence malignant diseases like cancer are becoming widely endemic to our world.

But the crowning race for development has brought us all at such crossroads from where it is nearly impossible to relegate. We can’t close our eyes and let the detrimental effects of such activities slip right past us. It’s too late now to stem the tide and descend on the growth ladder altogether but it is high time now that we undergo a rude awakening and realise how important it is for us to singularly protect ourselves from our waste induced environment so as to safeguard ourselves and our families from diseases like cancer.

If we talk about cancer we have to first come to terms with the fact that it is not a synonym of death. It is not a virus and hence it is not something that can’t be treated or eradicated by right medication. A major percentage of its attributes are, smoking, chewing tobacco, artificially simulated fruits and vegetables hence a loosely conserved lifestyle. Our archaic perceptions about this disease are cast in concrete and our reserved outlook about the same forbids us to have a rational outlook about it and its solutions. These reservations invoke fear which turns fashion into fear psychosis which is a big stumbling block in its detection and remedy. Timely and accurate detection is very important when it comes to cancer and any fearful apprehension about the same should be ousted at once and this should always be remembered that cancer is not deadly rather oblivious self-correction is what actually is a matter of serious concern and should neither be practised nor encouraged.

Cancer should be personified as a twilight sky, which though at the moment seems dark but slowly rather surely the tangerine colour of hope shall bloom and dawn will follow. Patience, perseverance and hope are all the tools that you need to expedite your recovery process. Holding onto a positive prognosis combined with the right guidance, counselling and medication can yank one out of the darkest cancers.

Instead of falling prey to fear one should undertake timely tests for the same to be adequately clued in as to how any deviation from the usual in your body can be adequately addressed and rectified.

Every woman above 40 should get their mammogram and PAP smear test done and every man above 40 should get their PSA test done annually to check for prostate cancer. This should be followed as a religious routine so as to remain totally abreast with what is happening inside your body. These measures though not completely avoid but surely could downsize the chances of one catching a deadly disease through timely detection by your trusted pathologist.

The important thing that needs to be remembered for the future is that timely detection and trust in your doctor is very important as the disease coins in on any such dereliction. Any counselling about such deadly diseases usually come in cold comfort but one really needs to keep an open mind and take each situation as it comes in a positive stride so as to power through the whole process without any mental anguish.

The standoff between our archaic fear related to such diseases and the ever enhancing technology shall quell the chances of one’s survival so, I would fervently advise all the readers to maintain a regular check-up routine and to never procrastinate anything related to your health.

A special reference to Angelina Jolie in this regard is indispensable as she despite her giant paraphernalia of a beautiful superstar got her breasts removed that in the show biz truly personifies beauty, on learning that she could develop breast cancer at some indefinite older age. What we need to infer from this is that, while technology is by our side and we can literally see the prognosis for something, all that needs to be done from our side is that we gather the necessary strength and take whatever step that has to be taken for the best as it is our life that is far more endearing than anything superficial.

Dr JS Sekhon, Oncologist, Ludhiana based, said, “One needs to be very cautious of these signs and no procrastination in getting them checked should be there.”
The Seven Warning Signs of Cancer
Look for these early signs of cancer:
Changes in bowel or bladder habits
Sore that doesn’t heal
Unusual bleeding or discharge
Lumps or thickened areas in the breast, testicles, or elsewhere
Indigestion or difficulty swallowing
Change in the size, colour, shape, or thickness of a wart, mole, or mouth sore
Cough or hoarseness that doesn’t go away.


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