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EAT, PRAY, LOVE! Most of women travelers today are inspired by the movie of Julia Roberts, Travelling solo. If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever travel alone, I would have immediately said, “No way. It must be lonely, and I’d get so bored.” Before I started traveling, I was scared of even of eating dinner alone!
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But now just like me, women are motivated to move out of their comfort zone and vent to their traveling dreams. They want to go out and travel solo.
So if you are also planning to travel solo there should be certain precautions you must follow to make your travel and stay at new place an experience worth cherishing and remembering rather than becoming a security nightmare for you.
Dr.Seema Malik, Women entrepreneur and social activist has been pioneer in kicking off campaigns that have worked incredibly well for women safety. Her most talked about campaign MIRCHI JHONK has come to rescue of women all across India. Dr. Seema Malik has drafted a charter of travel plan and safety recommendations for harassment-free experience for solo women travelers.

Never carry anything in your back pocket, and always be aware of your ambiances. It’s not just young men that pickpocket, either. Sometimes it’s a group of women who will bump into you or cram around you on a bus.

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Find out how much a cab will cost from the bus station, hotel or the security guard so that when walk outside, you’re confident on where to go and tariff.

Do not wear earphones while walking around. it make you less aware of your surroundings and also makes you a target for thieves who will either pickpocket you or just confront you with a weapon.
Carry small change in one pocket.
If you need to look at your map, never do it in a street. Be at the corner.

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Carry the business card of wherever you are staying. As hotels have such generic names that it’s easy to forget and get lost, especially if you’re out drinking.

If you’re traveling alone and you do get into a situation where people want something that you have, just give it to them. There are some very poor people in the world who do bad things, and unfortunately stealing is one of them.


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