Mehendi, cocktail, wedding, reception. Sarees, suits, lehengas, shararas. Different occasions, different attires. Then why should the choice of jewellery be the same each time? Gold, gold, gold, gold! Glimpse tells you how to be embellish differently.

It’s the season of weddings and as you prepare for the three weddings lined up in your circle this year, we are sure you are making a fine attempt at keeping all your attires different. If it’s Black for one cocktail, then it’ll be Burgundy for the other one. Then why should the jewellery choices be any different? There are a plethora of options available if you choose wisely. Let’s explore.

Vinatage Victorian
Vintage Victorian

Vintage Victorian jewellery: Straight from the times of the Victorian era, these piece are timeless classics. An apt choice for the cocktail night, Victorian jewellery is the most ideal choice to go with gowns. It could be tear drop earrings or an elegant piece for the neck, Victorian jewellery appears to be striking, yet extremely elegant. Usually made of semi precious stones & sometimes even uncut Diamonds, the designs & workmanship are in sharp contrast to contemporary jewellery. Victorian jewellery never goes out of fashion and therefore not a slave to ongoing trends. You could look up options on the internet or visit the iconic Pyarelal & Sons in the Aurobindo market of Delhi. A prized possession, your Victorian pieces are stuff that hand downs are made up of.


Thewa jewellery
Thewa jewellery

Thewa: Straight from the colourful land of Rajasthan, every girl should possess a Thewa set. Absolutely ideal for a light, yet ethnic wear on the Mehendi or the reception night. Thewa essentially involves the art of fusing G23 K Gold with Glass. Thewa sets are hand crafted and take upto one month to be made by skilled artisans. The designs are usually intricate depicting the bravery & valour of the Rajput rulers and this is what sets Thewa aside. The sets are usually in Black & Gold; they seldom can be seen in royal deep Green & Gold too. Buying options include online purchases, but nothing like taking a trip to Rajasthan and walking into the numerous shops that sell huge varieties of Thewa.


Silver jewellery
Silver jewellery

Silver: Silver may seem like an unlikely choice in the wedding season, with all the Gold glittering around, but trust us, nothing looks classier than a statement Silver piece on a stark black cocktail dress. A long, figure flattering dress, hair tied back tight, accented cheek bones & a chunky piece in the neck. If you have opted to wear a Black, crinkled skirt, you could team it up with chunky Silver anklets. It’s prudent to remember that Silver looks best in traditional designs. Though Delhi is your go to place for the best Silver jewellery, the tri city Silver shops can also be combed for exciting pieces. With Black & Silver by your side, get ready to glide in like a woman of power!

Statement pieces: This is an area where you need to know where less is more and more is less. We are talking about adorning one off pieces. Like you could wear a Fabindia Kalamkari skirt with a small top and cover three quarters of your hands with traditional Rajasthani lac bangles. Or you could wear a solid coloured saree with a spaghetti blouse and wear chunky big earrings only with an empty neck. You could also decide to wear a flattering all Black dress and adorn a fat Silver waist band. Another elegant look to work with would be to wear saree the traditional way with a small neck piece and hair heavily done up with ornate Jasmine gajras. A rather quirky & interesting look to work with can also be the nose pin. You could opt for the traditional Maharashtrian nose pin to go with a solid coloured dress or saree. The look does not go with suits. Preferably, keep away any other piece of jewellery with this look. If not the Maharshtrian none, then a big round one with the string going all the way into your hairdo. Again, no other piece of jewellery with this look.

With so many exciting options, you are bound to make a statement this wedding season. Just remember though: wear what you are comfortable with, wear what feels right, not just what look right. Have the confidence to defy the regular and create your own style statement. Because the best jewellery that you can ever wear, is your inner confidence. Go shine girl!



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