As the common saying goes, you are what you eat. And as more and more people are moving towards conscious living, “pranic eating or satvik eating” is assuming prime importance.

Believe it or not, what you put in your system, has a direct impact on the quality of your life. Simple facts…your life is governed by your thoughts. It is the thought that comes to the mind first and then the physical action. Even when you head out to catch a movie. You first think about it and then proceed to book your tickets. Pretty much the same law applies to the rest of your life.

And the quality of thoughts is a direct result of what you eat.

Here is what you can do to start enjoying more ‘spiritually healthy’ meals in your life:

Organic foods.

Organic is the way to go
organic fruits and veggies Glimpse

Too expensive a move? Innovate. You can have organic pulses thrice a week.

Organic is the way to go
organic fruits and veggies.
Plants like spinach, fenugreek, basil, cilantro, onions, garlic, green onions, bok choy & lettuce can be easily grown in long rectangle pots at home. You don’t need a big garden. Small changes, big results!

Say no to processed foods:

say no to processed food Glimpse
say no to processed food Glimpse

With the WHO considering to declare them a health hazard, it’s time to say NO.

say no to processed food Glimpse
Say no to processed food.
Replace those preservative laden packets with freshly made chicken kiev & home made potato wedges. Ditch that sausage for a freshly prepared minced meat patty.

Move away from food:

Yes! Don’t make it the focus of your every activity.

Learn to say no to food.
Once a while, replace that Sunday bar be cue with a game of badminton in your lawn! Move away from the notion of food being the only recreation.

Get the juices flowing:

food for thought Glimpse

Juice up veggies and kick those toxins out of your system. Drink up wheatgrass everyday.

food for thought Glimpse Juice it up.
Today’s veggie mixture: Bottle gourd, cucumber, beetroot, cilantro, carrots, tomatoes and a dash of fresh orange juice. Drink up to good health!

Change your relationship with food and get ready to experience a calmer you! Give your body a chance to dream with all it’s might…and see your life change around you. All the best!


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