Whether you are married or in a relationship, traveling with one you love shows you the side of your partner which you will never know till the time you travel with your better half. Staying together and traveling together, both are totally different things. Why is there such a strong connotation between couples who stay together and couples who travel together? Here we are to clear your doubts, that what magic it creates when you travel with your beloved one.

Qualities they achieve

Couples who love to travel are often outgoing, spontaneous individuals. They’re enthusiastic about meeting new people and aren’t afraid of living in the moment. Couples who share this impulsive attitude get themselves into some wild, unforgettable adventures and receive endless opportunities to bond along the way.

Traveling builds trust

When you travel, you and your partner trust each other with certain responsibilities: who is booking the flight, who’s making the reservations, who’s handling the budget and who’s committed to waking the other up at 6AM every day just to get a headstart in sight-seeing, among a lot of other tasks you can agree on. Because of this, you learn to trust the other that they won’t mess up in their tasks, for your travel experience to go as smoothly as possible. This trust also channels itself in different parts of your relationship.

Grow together

Traveling changes you. Your viewpoint on life is broadened, your thoughts are challenged in a positive way, and you see the world differently.

You begin to connect the dots, realize both how big and small the world is, and grow as a person. When couples travel together, they grow together. When you can grow together, you’ll choose each other over the rest. They remain faithful to each other no matter what backdrop or situation arises.

You know the importance of ‘Me’ time

Most of the fights occur due to the over indulgence in each other and not giving the kind of space that is required. While you are traveling you share a lot in common , but with time you also realise that not only your partner but you too need sometime alone to channelize the energies around you and to feel the touch of an environment that is totally different but close to you. You both learn how to find ways to tune out and get time alone without being apart. You learn how to be respectful and happy together while giving the other person their alone time.

They don’t have secrets

Traveling allows for everyone to see the best- and worst- of your travel companions. This is true for your significant other as well. Couples who travel together see the best traits of each other, and the true dirty secrets and annoying habits of each other as well. They really know each other and accept each other’s entire personality. They share in a lot of things and there is no space left to hide things. You tend to fall for the flaws as well, and you accept the fact that every individual is unique in its own way.

No of Mutual friends

As you travel together, you tend to meet a lot of people in your way. Instead of having his and her friends, you have friends that you truly enjoy together. Bonding with these friends helps you to bond with each other as well. You get to see that how your partner is with others, how he/she interacts, laughs and do other things.

They live the romance

It goes beyond what you watch on cinema screens or read in any book.

As a traveling couple you live the romance out of spontaneity and a state of mind that you could be led anywhere and something could sparkle another moment of beauty. It is never about the money but the experience that traveling together could bring.

Increases your patience level

There are times when you or your companion is not in a right mood or stuck in a situation. Handling times like these and holding their hand, increases your tolerance power.

Worry less and live more

Couples who appreciate where they are at rather than focusing just on the future don’t miss out on enjoyment in the present, which creates a much healthier and happier environment for their relationship.

You become more caring

When you’re traveling – especially long distances – things will go haywire. One of you will get a stomach virus, the other will be sick from jet lag, one of you will be swollen from the plane, and another will lose a wallet and be lost. These things aren’t just bound to happen, they’re guaranteed. Being in these situations gives you the opportunity to show that you can care for the other person, and it makes a difference as you both have each other’s hand hold and shoulder to cry on.

You develop an “us against the world” mentality.

When it is, literally, just the two of you navigating some unfamiliar city or country, you start to think like a team.

You start to cohere into having just one purpose and objective; it’s no longer solely about your own well-being.

Make memories

These experiences turn into incredible stories they are able to bring back home and share with friends and family. Couples who travel together make memories that last them forever, and those memories are what keep them happily together. The best part is some of the stories are just between you two (wink).


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