All this happens due to the build-up of sebum underneath the surface, causing the appearance of oily skin. Because
of excess level of testosterone sebum production gets aggravated hence your skin faces the misery but there is nothing to be alarmed about. Clean your face twice a day. Even if you normally don’t have to use facial cleansers multiple times every day, you should consider doing so during your period. This is because hormone imbalance
during your cycle will cause sebaceous glands to go crazy. Sebaceous glands produce sebum — a natural oil. As your
skin gets oilier, the more cleaning it takes to remove excess sebum. This will help to avoid pimples and menstrual acne from forming. You can also apply hydrating face pack for soothing results on the skin, or alternatively, you can apply a paste made with curd and honey. Avoid using products that clog the pores; Look for products that have a
“non-comedogenic” mark.


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