With much appreciation and inquiries coming her way, she started her brand Sanaa Couture, 5 Years back. Coming from the House of Sava International Suruchi Khanna also owns furnishings brand Sanaa Furnishings. In an informal interview, Suruchi opens up about her personal preferences, festivity and much more Your take on fashion Fashion is an extension of myself. I feel more confident in my skin if I am dressed up properly. Fashion for me is all about dressing right for right occasions.

Who inspires you professionally and how?

My husband inspires me professionally. His attitude of doing things rightly, timely with strong determination and focus inspires me the most.

What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer?

Let’s accept the fact that dressing to one’s own best is very important. The happiness I get when I see my client happy in the garment I make for them gives me immense satisfaction and is surely best part. Also in this industry we stay up with the trends which I really enjoy being person who love to stay dressed up.

How do you keep work life balance in your life?

I have simple rule which I follow – I don’t take work to home, and I don’t bring home to work. Keeping both the things separate definitely helps in balancing my life.

Who are your favourite designers?

Anamika Khanna, Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra.

What is the importance of festivals in your life?

Festivals are the way to enjoy life, so they hold lot of importance in my life.

Which one of all the festivals is your all-time favourite?

Diwali is for sure my all-time favourite as this festival brings everyone together. The essence of togetherness, getting ready, celebrating each and every moment by exchanging wishes and pleasantries with your close ones.

What are the fashion trends for the season and how is it different from the last year’s trends?

This year fashion trends are more elaborate as compared to last year. This year is all about feminine drapes, bling fabrics, tassel capes etc. Fashionistas this year are prone to more experiments making them more inclined towards the elaborate fashion. So if we talk about the trends, those are same but boldness to carry them has scaled up. Like last year it was drape saree with blouse, but this year it is drape saree with tassel cape.

How do you plan to celebrate this festival season?

Festive season for me is always about celebrating with near and dear ones. I start my day with doing charity for people who need it the most. Also we have our own Ngo where we distribute sweets and gifts to poor children. Post this we do puja at home followed by a family dinner. Not only the day of Diwali but we have lot of celebrations for pre Diwali bash where we do lot of card parties with friends to celebrate the festival. It’s a big no to crackers.

What are three pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe this festive season?

A drape outfit, stylish cape and stunning belt.

What colours and styles will be big this festive season?

This season it is lot about yellow, red, fuchsia, gold and ivory. When we talk about styles patterns like anarkali, frilled lehengas, sarees, dhoti pants with coats, crop top and skirts will do the big talking.

Which trend are you following this season?

I am all for drapes this season. The best part about the drapes is that you can experiment with it as much as you want. You can wear drapes saree with belt, over jacket; wrap it around neck and many other ways. It’s the most versatile trend.

How can a woman dress sexily without showing much skin?

It’s myth that women can’t look sexy in all covered. 6 yards of fabric is the sexiest outfit for any woman. Wear saree that accentuates your plus, embrace fine Indian jewellery with very light make up this season, no one can stop you to look best from rest.


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