From all my last travelogues I am sure, that by now all my readers know that I am a mountain girl from heart and for the people putting up in busy cities like Chandigarh and Delhi, hills are the favorite place to be and what better than a long weekend trip to Triund? Taking the advantage of the same thing, I decided to pack my bags and go on a good weekend gateway to Triund trek with a couple of colleagues and friends. We hit the road in the evening, to reach Mcleodganj through the not-so-great roads of Kangra and Jwalaji. But, the first sight of the place, just took all the pain away. We stayed in a very decent hotel, which was quiet close to the main market.

After a hot-water shower we set out to discover the place. And it was just too awesome, with people lazing around in cafes, roaming on roads, enjoying sumptuous Tibetan and Western food. We decided to start for the Triund trek early in the morning. Somehow, my excitement of the trek costed my sleep; I was so excited that it was hard to sleep. As the clock ticked at 5:00 am, the morning of the trek brought with it cool air and green valleys. I breathed deep.

The adventurer in me setting off on a trek to Triund, the nine kilometer trek from Mcleodganj to Triund provides a breath taking view of snow-capped mountains and the Kangra Valley. The trek gradually steepens and the roads narrow as you move up. The trek to the peak is certainly worth all the huffing and puffing. To my respite, a small snack shop midway, provided refreshments. A soothing cup of the most delicious adrakki chai and a few biscuits later, we headed further up, making our way through a narrow, stony route that led me up to the highest point of the hill. The view from the top was better than I expected.


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