I believe our life has chapters. And usually, each major chapter is preceded by an event. With that event usually being the cause of the beginning of that chapter.

I’ve met innumerable people, read innumerable stories about how an event bought about a change in their lives. I’ve heard of inspirational books – and a huge number of them at that, which are like bibles to people and rhetoric attribute the minor major changes to them. But to set things apart, I recently came across a movie that changed something deep inside me and that’s when I realized that like books, movies too hold the strength to bring about changes in our lives.

I chatted up with people and realized that I was not alone in my clan. It was interesting to note, that like me there are hundreds of people who innocently sat down to catch a movie on a boring Sunday – and walked out never being the same again.

It’s beautiful actually, it’s like you putting a pause to the movie of your life, witnessing another one and then re imprinting your entire matrix. Here is that list of movies that I collected, after talking to people who “knew the difference”.


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