Few years from now, it always seemed that parents are special characters in our life with whom you cannot discuss anything happening around, whether it was regarding your new boyfriend/girlfriend, going out with friends, your new crush, drinking or smoking, and even about going out for clubs. When it use to come over marriage parents always preferred to get it arrange through relatives or friends. Love marriages and getting married to a boy or girl out of one’s community was taken as a crime, for such reasons in many cases parents disowned their kids. Issues, like killing of female fetus and not having female child, is one of the topics which Indian society has faced and if female child was born getting them married at young age or not letting them study or if interested in sports but not allowing them to do it were the issues which Indian children faced during that time.

Girls were not allowed to speak in front of elders, during their periods they were not allowed sitting with family for dinners, such tortures were prevalent in the society.


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