Bright colourful attires, beautiful jewellery and hands dyed with henna, it is time for the most precious festival KarvaChauth, when hundreds and thousands of women across North India gear up and fast from sunrise till sunset for the longitivityand safety of their husbands, fiancés or even desired husbands.The festival has a deep connection with Hindu mythology. The puja is marked by the storytelling of Princess Veeravatiwho was married to a king. On her first KarvaChauth, she decides to go visit her parents and due to fasting all day long, she faints. Her seven brothers, who loved her immensely, could not bear to see their sister in this state and trick her into thinking that the moon has risen. Just as she breaks her fast, she gets word that her husband is dead. Heartbroken Veeravatirushes to her husband’s palace. On the way, she meets Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva who tell her that it is a penance and fasting on KarvaChauth will help bring back her husband. On completing the fast, the king gains consciousness and they live happily ever after. Since then, Indian women have been following this tradition for the longetivity of their husbands.


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