#GETOVERIT in Simple 7 ways 

1. Cry if you have to: Immediately following a break-up, you may feel the need to “keep it together” and appear like you’re completely sorted. But if you’re one of those people who need to cry, then let yourself cry! Take a day off, spend it in bed, and cry. Get it out now so it doesn’t build up and explode later at an inopportune time.

2. Hide your ex from social media profiles: Unfriend your ex if you can, but if you really don’t want to – or don’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that you need to take them off social media for your own sanity – then at least ensure they don’t show up on your feeds. Unfollow them on Facebook (they’ll still be on your list, just won’t show up on your timeline) and mute them on Twitter. That way, you’re still ‘friends’, and if you really really really need to stalk them one day, you can when you’re mentally prepared for it. That’s a lot better than suddenly coming across something you don’t want to see while you’re at work.

3. Download a happy new list of songs: The biggest problem with music is that each song is attached to a different feeling or memory. Avoid triggering feelings by downloading a whole bunch of new songs – ask your friends for recommendations! – So that you have a completely new playlist to listen to.

4. Go out with your friends: Take your time to resettle, start getting in touch with your old buddies, with whom you might have not spoken in a long time because of your guy .Be with friends who make you feel happy about yourself. That is the best way of gaining your self confidence back.

5. Work out: Working out gives you a sense of purpose, gives you an immediate mood boost thanks to endorphins, keeps you busy so you’re not constantly thinking about your relationship, and over time will lead to changes in your body that you’ll be proud of. Hello, ego boost!

6. Eat good food: Generally when we go through a breakup phase, we stop eating but trust me eating is something that can make you feel happy. If you don’t feel like eating homemade food, then munch on what you love and it won’t take you long to fall in love with food and be a big time foodie.

7. Concentrate on a new project: It could be joining a new dance class or starting #100HappyDays on Instagram or becoming obsessed with trying out every smoothie recipe on the planet. Point is, the sense of purpose and the idea of doing something new will help.


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