I’ve always loved outdoor installations, dream catchers, and art made with stones, so Yash’s work was hard to miss given his connection to nature, spirituality, and beauty. I meet this wonderful man in the lush valley, with deep gorges cut out by rives crashing down the mighty mountains in Tosh.
Yash P Ganedikar, a 37 year old gentleman, who is skilled at making and mixing music, makes dream catchers, a party decorator, makes string art patterns and last but not the least, turns river stones into Meditative Mandalas with endless patterns of colorful dots. For Yash, “Art is a spiritual process for as it connects him to who he really is his essence”. He expressed, “Each Mandala I create is like a picture of my “Self” in that specific moment in time. I always found a certain comfort in art”. Through intense detail and rhythmic patterns, the artist finds meditation in painting these found stones with endless acrylic dots. The acrylic paint used on his pocket-sized creations allows him to add an element of dimension in him already layered colors. These intense colors create a palette so crisp and brilliant; it is as if the stones are crusted with trinkets.

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